Friday, November 06, 2009

Field Roast Customer Clammers for more FAT!

We get customer emails often and we always appreciate them. Many with accolades, some with suggestions and others with criticisms.

Today we got a special note from customer Bryan. He wrote:

"I would like to start off by saying that I like your sausages, so what I have to say is not really a complaint, but an observation. I've tried a lot of the veggie sausage, hot dogs, etc., and most of them just outright #$%. They have a terrible texture, and don't taste good either.

One thing that they all have in common is that they are low-fat, and real sausage tends not to be low fat. A good Italian hot sausage certainly is not. An Italian sausage has a lot of fat; it's part of what makes it good. I know you don't want to be a "fake meat," but I think you are missing something.

I want more fat!

You probably don't get a lot of people asking for that. And in this day and age, I don't expect to see products that say "New and Improved! Now MORE fat!" But I think we've taken the whole low fat thing too far."

Whenever I'm giving presentations about our product line or meeting with customers I always tell them that we use FAT in our products. Sometimes I describe our new Meatloafs as made with "plenty of delicious fat". We love fat. Bryan you are so right....ya can't make a good sausage without fat. If I could find a way to add more fat into our sausages i'd do it. Our every day cooking oil is expeller pressed safflower oil. In the last few years I've also begun to use organic palm fruit oil....which is...FAT! Solid at room temperature. Delicious, mouth coating, bottom of pan coagulating FAT! We use palm oil in our White Truffle Pate, Chao Cheese and now in our new Classic Meatloaf.

We have to melt it in order to incorporate into our recipes......we presently get it from a sustainable palm oil company (Agropalma) in Brazil.

Thanks for the suggestion Bryan.....and we promise to keep the fat coming....apologies for not finding enough in our products...but try the new Meatloaf, if you are lucky..there might some coagulated fat towards the bottom of the loaf. Give us a call or shoot us an email and we will give you a coupon for a Meatloaf to try out.


Blogger Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...

LOVE IT!! I was just talking to a new vegetarian this MORNING and they commented that the veggie sausages they had tried were not quite right because they didn't have the flavor-filled fat and "juices" which incorporate the sausage flavor into the rest of the recipe... SO, of course I told them about Field Roast. AND of course they ran out and bought some and two hours later? Presto-Magic A NEW Field Roast fan is born. (You can thank me later - heehee)

3:53 PM  
Blogger Dawnie said...

PLEASE don't use Palm Oil in your products! There is no way to determine what is and what isn't sourced from a "sustainable" crop. And even the "sustainable" crops had to be planted on top of cleared rain forest. I am vegan and LOVE your products, but I will not buy ANYTHING that has palm oil and palm oil by-products in the ingredients. I believe that our delicate rain forests are much more important than the desire for more palatable meat analogs.

1:21 PM  
Blogger Elaine Vigneault said...

OK, I will agree that fat will enhance flavor and make these things more appetizing, particularly for nonvegans, but... if you do add more fat, please keep some that have the current amount of fat. I really enjoy the tastes of your current products and already they're a dietary extravagance (along with my beer and So Delicious coconut milk ice cream and Uncle Eddies cookies and Vegenaise and other nonhealthy vegan foods)... I really don't need to to be gaining any more weight.

6:06 PM  
Blogger Ginny Messina said...

Love this post! I'm a vegan and a dietitian, and there is nothing wrong with including some plant fat in meals--and enjoying some foods that are overtly high-fat now and then. I think an over-emphasis on very low fat eating makes vegan foods and diets unappealing to many, as your writer noted. Making foods taste great is an important part of advocacy and fat does improve flavor and texture. Thank you for your wonderful products. I need to look for that meat loaf!

10:13 AM  
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