Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Product Spotlight: Stuffed Celebration Roast Freezer Box

Our Stuffed Celebration Roast is making its debut this winter across the country in its new box for the freezer. This 2 lb. roast has been around as long as the 1 lb. half roast has been, but not as widely distributed. After having much deliberation on the subject, we are excited about the new look developed by our fearless designer Greg.
Not only can it feed 8 folks, or leave some leftovers for a Gobbler Sandwich, the box gave us more room to tell new customers about how to cook it! Of course even without much prompting, the meat eater panel at Wall Street Journal last year still had to "gobble it up" and leave no crumbs behind.
Send your feedback! There are many changes that will also come to our Celebration Roast brand in the coming months including a new look for the logo! Have you ever stared at the line of Field Roast products on the shelf and wondered if we actually made the Celebration Roast or not?


Blogger Kate said...

But my oh my! Where do I buy them?? The selection of your products available via retail outlet - even in NYC - is so slim. I'm sure you have a good reason, but I rarely see a celebration roast, let alone deli slices. Apparently the only thing retailers want to carry are your sausages, while exemplary, are staring to get a little boring to me. I can only assume that retail availability for something like your country pate (oh, the joy!) is far, far off in the distance of my vegan hopes and dreams. I have yet to find a restaurant that offers most of the wholesale foods you produce either.

You'd think the city that considers itself the epicenter of the Universe (ha) might be more up to speed on their culinary alterna-lifestyles!

I love you guys.

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