Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Meet your Meatloaf

First placement on the West Coast, Madison Market

September is big. Huge. In fact its safe to say that the veggie meat your momma never made is here for you to sink your teeth into.
Our NEW Field Roast Classic Meatloaf has fresh cut carrots, onions, celery and a ton of savory spices all together with palm fruit oil and our original grain meat recipe. Each 1 lb loaf is ready to go right out of the package, just like you had some leftovers in the fridge. The magic is that you can heat slices in a skillet, or crumble it with your fingers, and the meat becomes juicy meaty goodness.

Can't think of what to do with it? We are here to help! We will be posting recipes through October, but you can join in too! Send photos and recipes to us at realmeatloaf@fieldroast.com so we can share them with the masses! Join us on Facebook, or follow our blog to see everyone's ideas over the next couple of months! Fall just got a little cozier.


Blogger Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...

Hi Field Roasters! I posted a recipe on my blog using Field Roast... Not a recipe for meatloaf (sadly, I really DO want to try the stuff someday!!) but using the Chipotle Sausage. YUM-OH!!


Love, love your stuff!!

11:20 PM  
Blogger Eileen said...

I can't wait for it to come to NJ!

2:54 PM  
Blogger Truly Scrumptious said...

First placement was at Sidecar for Pigs Peace, actually, which carried it for years before Madison Market.

5:19 PM  
Blogger icare said...

Hi, just stumbled upon your veggie meats and they sound great but it's going to take some effort to find them around my area of Hanover, PA.. Do you know about Google Connect? I would love to follow you! Great site! Feel free to check out mine..

8:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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