Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Recipe: Cornbread Stuffing with Apple Sage Sausage and Mushrooms

Last year, I made this recipe on the fly for the first time. It is really simple, vegan, and utterly joyous! The sweet and smoky notes of our Apple Sage Sausage is a perfect addition to traditional stuffing, and easy! No one...not even your overly proud carnivorous uncle will miss the unmentionable turkey "parts" that are missing from this dish.

2 links Smoked Apple Sage Field Roast Sausages
2 Large stalks celery, chopped
1 Medium yellow onion, diced
1 1/2 cup veggie stock (I used my own!)
8 oz Mushrooms - Button or Cremini
6 oz Cornbread Stuffing mix
(Mrs. Cubbison's is vegan!)
2-3 Tblsp Earth Balance
Fresh Thyme & Sage for Garnish

Simply chop all your veggies, and sweat them in a skillet over medium heat in the Earth Balance. This takes about 10 minutes.

This creates a great steamy atmosphere for the Field Roast to go into. One must NOT dry out the grain meat! I sliced the two links into rounds and then crumbled them into my now sauteed veggies with my hands. After a quick stir, I added the veggie stock and stuffing mix. I stirred to coat the mixture with the stock, and covered the pan for about 8 minutes. Voila! Tasty vegan stuffing! Another variation I might try is adding apples or butternut squash into the dish!


Blogger Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...


I don't have a good cornbread stuffing recipe, though sometimes I add part cornbread to mine. It's just not the same though... I will be trying this.

Can I just say I already did Stuffing with Apple-sage sausage, and apples... and cranberries...

Actually added the sausage to a family recipe last year... and it is DEEEE-LISH!! Just posted it to my blog.

You guys are AWESOME indeed.

11:42 PM  
Blogger Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, said...

I am not really familiar with any stuffing recipes, since I am a recent immigrant from Germany, and we don't have dishes like that.

So I am here on your great blog, trying to pick up some hints and recipes and tips.

This recipe looks really good to me. I have ordered the roast and the sausages, they arrove today, and I have now all ingredients but the cornbread stuffing. I simply don't understand what that might be. Diced cornmeal bread pieces sold in a store? I have no idea.
I have cornmeal in my pantry, since I like italian recipes, and they make polenta from that. Is that stuffing maybe something like cold polenta diced in pieces?

I will try it without that, the polenta doesn't really fit into this. Or does it? I am confused...

But I do like your blog, and since this is my very first time to try your products, I am excited. We had to mailorder them, since we are not anywhere near a store that carries your products (Nearest would be 80 miles away).
But it worked out fine, parcel came today.

I will be back to learn more from you. Thank you so far!

10:38 AM  
Blogger Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, said...

OK, here is how it went:

I skipped the cornbread, since I have no idea what that is about (as mentioned before).

I have baked pieces of butternut pumpkin, onions, garlic, vitelotte (purple fingerling potatoes), celery sticks, mushrooms and your apple sage sausages, and it came out great. I will skip the mushrooms next time, my husband doesn't like them.

But the recipe was a great starter, I would have never thought of celery sticks myself (usually eat those raw with dip).

I have baked your roast in puff pastry, like a previous blog entry suggested. I should have taken less dough though, it was too thick.
And the roast (which we 2 could not finish on one day) dried out over night. Yes, the next day it was a bit, uhm, rubbery.

The sausage was great though. I will absolutely reorder that. Too bad I can't buy them in a store we could reach.

I have to combine many items in one order, since the postage must be worth its money, and it seems a lot of items are sold out now. I have to wait until all wanted items are back in the pangaea store, and who knows when that will be. Maybe not this month.

That is really a sad point. But apart from that I really like your items, and I am looking forward using them again.

10:20 PM  
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