Thursday, July 07, 2011

Frankfurter Recipe: Chili Dog

When it comes to food, there are a thousand ways to...rescue a cat. Take pizza for example, no one topping scenario seems to please everyone...and so they invented the half this, half that pie. Well Hot Dog culture is the same way...if not worse. You've got a seriously varied scope of preferences when it comes to dressing a frank, and in the coming weeks we will be exploring this phenom.

So the question is, what is your Frank wearing? Or as David put it "your inner Frankiosity." This first installment is something I think most of us can get behind; The Chili Dog.

Now that isn't to say that there are not different schools of thought on the chili dog, in fact its quite possible this is one dog that isn't the same wherever you go. This recipe is close enough to the Cinncinati "cheese Coney" according to the omniscient Wiki. But doesn't really get into the different styles of chili...that is a whole other food fight altogether.

We kept it really simple;
a can of Chili sans carne
vegan cheese shreds
chopped white onions (If you are on a date...skip the onions)

But either way, you're going to need a fork!

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Blogger tcarlson said...

I'm super disappointed that none of the Whole Foods in Houston are carrying the frankfurters. Are they a limited-time-only thing? Can I order them online somewhere?

2:24 PM  
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