Friday, April 15, 2011

Little helper in the Kitchen

This is just too cute not to share. Our resident chef, Stephen, had a helping hand in the kitchen this morning. Nhung, one of our beloved (yes, I mean beloved) production supervisors brought her son, Jimmy, into Field Roast for a visit today. What a treat to have such an adorable little addition here! It's always great to watch the mini-FRoasters growing up. He quickly became Stephen's pint-sized helper. From my desk, I could hear Stephen explaining to Jimmy what he was doing at each step, adding the humor that only Stephen can add to a conversation. Jimmy was a focused, quiet observer, and definitely got a front row seat to Field Roast's commitment to creating scrumptious, innovative foods! Anyone who walked by was immediately struck with the "Awwws!" Ok, that's just my opinion, but they were adorable! You couldn't help but smile. Happy Friday, everyone!


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