Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Five years of Autumn with Field Roast

This is my fifth Halloween working for Field Roast. My fifth fall and my fifth holiday season. I love that if you take a moment to make note of all the cycles in the seasons, it gives you something to appreciate about where you are now...and where you have been. Field Roast definitely has much to be grateful for. This year we boast 35 employees, all of which we can still squeeze into the common room for a feast once a month to celebrate our work together making food for all of you.

Perhaps many of you have known of Field Roast longer than I have, that you are part of the lucky few that ate a Celebration Roast in 2005 or before for Thanksgiving. They were hard to find those days! I remember the slew of calls in 2006 that began about now and ended in January, those asking desperately "WHERE can I find a Celebrity Roast!!" Of course now I hardly ever hear someone call our Stuffed Celebration Roast by its infamous misnomer, though many still insist it is THE Field Roast. "It's all Field Roast" I answer with a grin.

This year, there is a new beautiful box for the 2 pound Celebration Roast, only slightly different from last years inaugural box design, and it can be found in the freezer set. Not to be forgotten is our 1 pound roast, that is just perfect for a couple or trio of folks that get together for a meal. Next up? A blog telling the story of our newest retail stuffed delicacy...stay tuned.

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Blogger Dunc said...

Hey there David and Malcom, my name's Duncan and I'm coming with a group from Whole Foods in North Seattle for a tour tomorrow. We're definitely looking forward to checking your place out, and I personally am excited to try the cranberry fig Celebration Roast this year at Thanksgiving (and maybe even Xmas and beyond!) The CR is always a hit at dinner.

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