Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mark Bittman and Meat Substitutes !

We got an email yesterday from a Field Roast loving Seattlelite (Ariana) who told us that famed NY Times food writer Mark Bittman was interviewed on local NPR station KUOW.

I have followed and enjoyed Mark's writing over the years.....ironically he is the author of How to Cook Everything Vegetarian!

At some point, during the interview Mark made a sweeping statement about how awful vegetarian meat substitutes were.

Ariana emailed the radio station and defended our honor! Thanks Ariana!

Mark probably doesn't realize that there are people making real vegetarian meats....that have....fresh vegetables in them.....garlic, red wine, lemon juice that AREN'T attempting to be a fake animal meat.....

When Ariana contacted the station Mr. Bittman evidently (I haven't heard the piece) said that he'd like to try some samples.....Mark..we'd love to get you some!

After Ariana emailed us I attempted to contact Mark at his NYtimes email address and got message back:
I'm sorry I cannot answer each individual query
and comment, but if you post these
questions/comments on the blog - - I'm sure they'll get
answered. (Rest assured that I do read everything.)
Thanks for writing-

Does anyone know how to contact Mark so we can turn him on to what we are doing? Where is Mark Bittman!

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Blogger Catherine Clark said...

Has anyone tried to find out who his literary agent is? You might be able to track him down through that, or maybe they would cough up the name of his publicity agent. If you contact either of them and include the details, you might cut through the NYT red tape.

Catherine Clark

9:31 AM  
Blogger FRavid said...

Hi Catherine...great suggestion. How do we do that? I tried the NYTimes website to no avail. Happy New Year! I don't have your direct email address.

11:23 AM  
Blogger mumkin said...

Curiously, I saw him speaking at Powell's in Portland the next day. One of the questions from the audience was whether he read the Bitten blog comments, and he said that he didn't -- the volume was just too much to get through. He said that he did read his email, though, so perhaps there's yet hope.

Or maybe he's just shining us all on. If so, then no yummy Field Roast for you, Bittman. You don't know what you're missing.

8:52 PM  
Blogger Catherine Clark said...

I am sure it is true that he does not read all in the blog -- he has several editorial assistants to do that then cull the info for him. Leave a comment on Field Roast and pass the word for others to do as well. It only takes a moment. I posted the Field Roast en Croute recipe because I love it.

1:32 AM  
Blogger lisamax said...

i've got to say that i LOVE his cookbook and yes, he should try out field roast stuff--it's awesome.

however, i think he's got a great sense of vegetarian foods and so many of them can be turned into vegan recipes. i think he's done an awesome job of understanding and appreciating veggies for a carnivore.

just my two cents.
lovin the fieldroast!

3:00 PM  
Blogger FRavid said...

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4:16 PM  
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