Saturday, March 31, 2007

Media Watch: hammerhead shark attack!: meatpaper and The Stranger

There is a new zine in SF called Meatpaper. Embracing meat but veggies too. Check out the hats. Vegetarian meat?

hammerhead shark attack!: meatpaper

Seattle Stranger Weekly does it again.....last weekend we did VegFest in Seattle. They sent a non veg reporter to trash the event. When I saw the article headline I waited for the usual "too-cool-for-school" intro. "I am not a vegetarian, but I like food, I like free stuff, and I like gently teasing hippies"....

THOUGH.....The first positive thing she wrote was about Field Roast sausages (spicy and delicious) - must have been the Mexican Chipotle. The article is below:

The Stranger: Everything's Gone Green